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North Miami Police Department - Major Franzia Brea
Assistant Chief Franzia Brea

Franzia Brea has served the public for over 25 years.  She began her career with The City of Miami Police Department, serving as a Field Patrol Officer, Street Narcotics Investigator, Special Investigations Investigator and an Internal Affairs Investigator before being promoted to Sergeant in 2002. 

As Sergeant, Franzia supervised the Records Unit, the repository & distribution point for police incident and accident reports.  While in the Records Unit, she supervised 30 civilian employees. 

In 2004, Franzia transferred to the Training Unit.  There, she supervised Police Training Advisors and Police Recruits for the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. 

In February 2008, Franzia was promoted to Lieutenant, where she worked Central District Patrol for six months then returned to the Training Academy at the request of the Administrative Division Chief, to manage the newly formed Training Academy and International Policing Institute.

As the Deputy Commander of the Training Academy, Franzia was hands on.  Her soft skills (personal habits, friendliness, and optimism) complimented her lead by example style and a dedication to a “job well done” attitude. 

In October 2011, Franzia Brea-Burden joined the North Miami Police Department, in charge of the Community Policing Services Section.  On Sunday, December 18, 2011, Commander Brea-Burden was promoted to the rank of Major, in charge of the Community Service Section. In January 2014 was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section; in 2015, Franzia joined the Administrative Section.

She holds training certifications as a high-liability instructor in the areas of defensive tactics and firearms. She is also a graduate of the Southern Police Institute’s Executive Officers Course. She is a member of the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLEE).

Franzia has a long history of volunteer involvement in several community organizations in Miami. After the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti, Franzia sprung into action and co-founded the Save 509 Organization.  Save509 is an organization focused on raising awareness and providing assistance to disabled persons after the earthquake in Haiti. 

Franzia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from St Thomas University.  Born and raised in Miami, one of four children born to Haitian immigrants.



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