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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month”for May 2014 is Officer Crystal Korelishn, who is assigned to the Community Services Section. Officer Korelishn has been a member of the North Miami Police Department for eight years. Officer Korelishn is recognized for her hard work and dedication to the City of North Miami Police Department. She was nominated by Sergeant David Rosen for the following cases: On February 26th, 2014, while conducting a Building Inspection Sweep (BIS) operation with the Code Compliance Unit, a resident invited Officer Korelishn into her apartment to observe substandard conditions.

While inside the apartment, a seven year old naked male approached Officer Korelishn. She noticed the child was acting strangely and appeared to be in visible pain. Being concerned for the child’s well being, Officer Korelishn spoke with the child and asked him if he was alright. He said, “No, they cut me” while pointing at his penis.

Officer Korelishn observed significant injuries to the child’s penile area. She immediately contacted the Code Compliance Sergeant and requested that Miami-Dade Fire Rescue respond. The mother advised that the boy had problems urinating over the past week, so she took him to the pediatrician. The pediatrician sent her to the hospital and a circumcision was preformed. Upon release, the pediatrician gave the mother antibiotic cream for her son.

Fire Rescue responded and advised the mother that the boy needed to be transported to the hospital; the mother refused she did not want the boy to be transported. Officer Korelishn used her skill as a negotiator and was able to convince the mother to allow her to transport the two of them to the hospital. Officer Korelishn transported the mother and the boy to North Shore Hospital.

The boy was immediately seen by hospital staff and was admitted due to severe dehydration and a septic infection. The boy had not urinated in over a day and the doctor advised that he may have a urinary track blockage. The doctor advised that if the boy was left untreated for another twenty-four hours, the septic infection would have traveled through his entire body, which would have been fatal.

Officer Korelishn continued to follow up days later to ensure that the boy was receiving proper care. Without the care and concern that Officer Korelishn continually displayed, this young boy could have died.

On March 4th, 2014, Officer Korelishn heard a call for a fire and immediately responded and observed flames coming from a duplex. Officer Korelishn quickly reacted and immediately pushed people back to a safe distance and ensured that there were no people inside the burning home. The fire fully engulfed the home blowing the front door open and spreading flames to an adjacent tree.

Officer Korelishn spoke to a resident, who advised that a male subject had previously had a fight with his mother and threatened to set the house on fire. A couple of hours later, he returned to the scene and went into the house and started a fire. The subject then walked over and sat down with a neighbor and admitted to setting the home on fire and wanted to watch it burn. While on scene, the family pointed the subject out to Officer Korelishn and she immediately ran over to the subject and took him into custody without incident.

Officer Korelishn was advised by the fire department that the duplex was a total loss. She then contacted Red Cross to assist the displaced family. Officer Korelishn was able to obtain funds and shelter for the family who lost their home and all of its contents. The Red Cross also provided assistance to the immediate neighbor to obtain food due to the electricity being turned off.

On March 14th, 2014, officers were dispatched to a house for an irate mental patient refusing to go to the hospital. Upon arrival, the male was on the front porch screaming and yelling. As officers approached, he went inside and locked the door. The Mobile Crisis Unit advised that the subject had called a Pennsylvania Court House and threatened to blow the courthouse up. The Mobile Crisis Unit was sent to check on the subject’s mental status.

With Officer Korelishn’s skill as a negotiator and her prior knowledge of the subject, a very dangerous and volatile situation was peacefully resolved and the subject received the needed medical care.

These three incidents are just highlights of the daily work performed by Officer Korelishn. Her work exemplifies exceptional devotion to duty and the furtherance of the law enforcement profession. She is motivated by a desire to serve the community in the spirit of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. She goes above and beyond the ordinary call of duty each and every day.

Officer Crystal Korelishn was chosen as Officer of the Month for May 2014 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held quarterly at the Miami Shores Country Club, on Wednesday,  July 23, 2014 at 12:00 Noon.







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