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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month” for October 2014 is Jonathan Aledda. Officer Aledda has been with the North Miami Police Department for two years and is currently assigned to the Patrol Section, Afternoon Shift. Officer Aledda is being recognized for his exuberant work and dedication to the City of North Miami Police Department. He was nominated by Sergeant Tory Holmes for the following cases: On Monday, August 25th, 2014, a male subject entered Walgreens and made contact with the store’s Pharmacy Technician. The subject approached the counter and boisterously spoke expletives while demanding Percocet and Oxycodone medications.

The technician walked away in fear and utilized the business’ phone to broadcast, “Code 9” (distress code) over the intercom system. The subject noticed witnesses gathering, and he heard someone say, “Dial 911.” At which time he walked out of the store in a brisk manner. The subject entered a 2010 black Acura, driven by another subject (getaway driver) and fled. Moments later, the two subjects made contact with a male victim at the bus stop. Both subjects exited the vehicle brandishing firearms, later determined to be pellet guns, and held the victim at gunpoint. The subjects demanded the victim’s wallet and then fled the area in the previously mentioned vehicle.

A “Be on the Lookout” message was issued via police radio. It was quickly discovered that the suspects were on a robbery spree that started earlier that day. They were responsible for a rash of roadside, and department store robberies committed throughout the south end of Broward County, and throughout the north end of Miami-Dade County.

Police units saturated the area where the suspect vehicle was last seen traveling. Officer Aledda, using his foresight, placed himself in a strategic position to possibly intercept the suspect vehicle. Officer Aledda’s instincts quickly paid off, as he located the vehicle near Johnson and Wales University. Officer Aledda was cognizant of his surroundings, and utilized his training to affect a “textbook”, felony traffic stop. The subjects were safely taken into custody without further incident.

The two pellet guns used to commit the mentioned robbery were confiscated, and the victim’s property was also found. Officer Aledda’s apprehension ended the subject’s, violent elusive robbery spree, which included seven robberies in one day, spanning five different jurisdictions throughout Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, a male subject entered a Subway and abruptly jumped behind the counter where the food is prepared. The employees were in the back area preparing to close the store when they saw the subject. The employees observed the subject conceal one of his hands inside his vest/shirt, which implied that he had a weapon, causing the employees to become frightened. They ran out the rear door to seek safety and to call the police. The subject opened the cash register and stole approximately sixty dollars in coins.

The subject then exited the store and fled on foot from the location. A “Be on the Lookout” message was issued via police radio. Approximately forty-five minutes later, while diligently patrolling his assigned zone, Officer Aledda located the suspect in the area.

Officer Aledda approached the suspect and ordered him to stop. The suspect took flight on foot, and a foot chase ensued. Officer Aledda capitalized on his knowledge of the geography, and his skill to set perimeters as he gave chase on foot. While engaging in a foot pursuit ranging several blocks, Officer Aledda managed to catch up to the subject. The subject violently resisted, striking Officer Aledda several times. Officer Aledda managed to subdue the subject, and take him into custody. The suspect was found to be armed with a knife, and in possession of the currency he had just stolen. This suspect was responsible for three additional armed robberies in the North Miami area.

Officer Aledda has been diligent in his work and consistently tenacious in his efforts to combat crime, and apprehend criminals. He has been responsible for fifty-one arrests in a two month span. He brings credit upon himself and this agency.

Officer Jonathan Aledda was chosen as Officer of the Month for October 2014 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held quarterly at the Miami Shores Country Club, on Wednesday,  December 24, 2014 at 12:00 Noon.






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