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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month” for June 2016 is Detective Michael Gaudio. Detective Gaudio is a 17-year veteran at the North Miami Police Department, assigned to the Investigative Section. He is being recognized for his hard work and dedication to the residents of North Miami. Detective Gaudio was nominated by Sergeant Angelo Brinson for the following case: On Saturday, July 9, 2016, a female victim was involved in a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. Fearing for her safety, the victim left her home and went secretly to the home of her cousin.

After the subject discovered where she was at, he responded to the victim’s cousin’s home with a firearm. The subject demanded for the victim to come outside, but she refused out of fear. The subject then broke a rear window of the residence in an attempt to gain entry into the home. The victim did not want to place her family members in danger, so she exited the residence, only to be forced, at gun point, into an awaiting vehicle. Detective Gaudio responded to lead the investigation and to quickly ascertain the location of the victim who had just been kidnapped at gunpoint. After obtaining a list of possible locations where the subject may have taken the victim, Detective Gaudio began a systematic search for the victim and subject. When Detective Gaudio arrived at the victim’s mother’s home, he spoke with her at the door. He noticed that she seemed apprehensive and somewhat inhibited from freely speaking. Due to his vast experience, Detective Gaudio quickly detected that something was not right. Detective Gaudio asked the mother to exit the home and took her a safe distance away from the home.

As he questioned her about the location of her daughter, she advised that the subject had her inside the residence and was refusing to let her go. With no time to wait for additional back up, Detective Gaudio responded back to the residence. As he walked into the front yard, the female victim quickly exited the residence towards him. Detective Gaudio put the victim into his car and out of harm’s way. It was at that point that the subject exited the residence. Detective Gaudio confronted the subject and held him at gunpoint until another officer assisted with taking the subject into custody.

The victim was recovered with only minor injuries. The subject, who had an extensive violent criminal history, and was recently released from prison, was arrested for kidnapping and domestic violence. If not for the quick thinking and investigative prowess of Detective Gaudio, this case may have had a tragic ending.

Detective Michael Gaudio was chosen as Officer of the Month for June 2016 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held monthly at the Miami Shores Country Club, on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 12:00 Noon.








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