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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officer of the Month” for May 2016 is Detective Nelson Perez. Detective Perez is a 7-year veteran at the North Miami Police Department, assigned to the Investigative Section. He is being recognized for his hard work and dedication to the residents of North Miami. Detective Perez was nominated by Sergeant Angelo Brinson for the following case: On Monday, April 4, 2016, a female victim arrived at the parking garage of the building where she lives. As the victim was unloading groceries from her vehicle, she was approached by a group of subjects.

The subjects surrounded the victim, and one of them ambushed her, by spraying her in the face with pepper spray. As the victim choked from the effects of the pepper spray, one of the subjects attempted to steal her belongings. The victim resisted, which resulted in several of the subjects violently punching and striking her in the face and body.

During the attack, one of the subjects was able to gain control of the victim’s car keys, and along with the other subjects, stole the victim’s vehicle. Detective Perez responded to the scene and immediately began the process that would eventually bring these violent offenders to justice. Detective Perez obtained detailed descriptions of the subjects and the victim’s vehicle, and quickly broadcasted the information over the police radio. Further investigation yielded surveillance video that captured the terrible crime. Detective Perez shared the footage with the media and other law enforcement agencies.

The following day, the Sunrise Police Department contacted our department to advise us that they had located the victim’s vehicle, and that they had five subjects in custody. Detective Perez immediately responded to the City of Sunrise to interview the subjects. After several denials of any wrongdoing, Detective Perez was able to obtain confessions from all five of the subjects. Due to his keen awareness, professionalism, and his ability to collaborate and cooperate with neighboring agencies and organizations, Detective Perez was able to take five violent, carjacking suspects off of the streets.

Detective Nelson Perez was chosen as Officer of the Month for May 2016 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held monthly at the Miami Shores Country Club, on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 12:00 Noon.





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