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The North Miami Police Department’s “Officers of the Month” for February 2017 are Officers Jodlyn Antoine & Mercy Noel. Officer Antoine is a 12-year veteran and Officer Noel is a 16-year veteran at the North Miami Police Department. They are being recognized for their hard work and dedication to the residents of North Miami. Officer Antoine & Officer Noel were nominated by Sergeant Danielle Quiros and Sergeant Brittany Horn for the following event:

On January 31, 2017, at approximately 4:24 P.M., Officer Antoine was patrolling the area between the North Miami Middle School and the North Miami Elementary School due to the dismissal of the students. While driving through the neighborhood, he observed a vehicle run a stop sign and crash into two other vehicles at the intersection of NE 142 ST and NE 7 AVE. The vehicle came to rest in an adjacent yard, causing damage to the homeowner’s fence and landscaping. The violating vehicle was traveling at such a high rate of speed that the impact cause the vehicle to overturn. Officer Antoine, recognizing the possibility of injuries, immediately advised of the crash over the radio and requested assistance from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Officer Antoine positioned his vehicle in such a manner to block on-coming traffic to prevent any additional accidents. As he was approaching the vehicles to check for injuries, he observed the driver of the violating vehicle exit and run from the scene of the crash. Officer Antoine ordered the driver to stop running, but the driver refused.

Knowing the potential injury to the occupants of the other two vehicles, Officer Antoine redirected his attention to the other involved parties; however, his clear thinking allowed him to broadcast a description of the fleeing subject to all other police units that were en route to assist him. He also advised the dispatcher of the necessary perimeter points. While focusing his attention on the safety of the individuals involved in the crash, he never disregarded the safety of other citizens in the community. His determination to capture a fleeing felon allowed him to tend to the victims, while at the same time update other units as to the possible location of the subject.

During the time of the crash and bailout, Officer Noel was in the area working a dismissal detail at North Miami Elementary School, and heard the radio transmission, requesting assistance. Officer Noel switched his mindset from interacting with school children to safeguarding them and the neighborhood by attempting to apprehend a fleeing subject. Officer Noel, being familiar with the layout of the neighborhood, immediately responded to a foot path located on NW 7 AVE between NE 143 ST and NE 144 ST, which provides for pedestrian traffic only. Officer Noel assumed the subject would use this path to conceal himself from responding police vehicles, and he was correct. Officer Noel observed the subject and ordered him to stop.

The subject refused to obey the lawful commands given by Officer Noel, and instead, concealed his hands inside of his sweater. Fearing the subject had a weapon, Officer Noel immediately ordered him down to the ground as he swiftly jumped a locked fence to take the subject into custody. Officer Antoine’s further investigation into the incident lead to information that the vehicle and the license plate attached to the vehicle driven by the subject were both stolen.

Due to both officers’ continual desire to protect the citizens of North Miami and their dedication to serve in this profession, combined with their knowledge of the community and its layout, the immediate apprehension of a fleeing felon and simultaneous care of innocent and injured individuals was successfully conducted.

Officers Jodlyn Antoine & Mercy Noel were chosen as Officers of the Month for February 2017 and will be honored at the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce luncheon, held monthly at the Miami Shores Country Club, on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 12:00 Noon.








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