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Who Qualifies?

  • Victims in Miami Dade County who suffered Financial Loss as a direct result of a crime.
  •  A guardian applying for a minor child victim

Qualification Requirements

  • Crime incident must be reported to law enforcement
  • Victim must not have been engaged in an unlawful activity-(No Criminal History)

What Information is needed to apply?

  • A Law Enforcement offense report documenting proof of crime
  • Proof of Crime Related expenses
  • Proof of third party payment (if any)

What Benefits are available?

  • Out of pocket expenses related to the crime
      1) Emergency Shelter/Hotel
      2) Local/out of state travel expenses
      3)Towing expenses
      4) Relocation/rental assistance
      5) Property loss reimbursement

How to Apply

Submit a completed Intake Sheet

Intake Sheet can be obtained at:

  •  North Miami Police Department
  •  by calling (305) 891-0294 Ext 23227)
  • Click here to download the Victim Emergency Relief Intake form

Funds are limited based on availability of funding Limits may apply to specific benefits, which may be reduced without prior notice to the award recipient based on availability of funding.






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