The Investigative Section is comprised of the General Investigative and Crime Suppression.

Detectives in the General Investigative Unit are responsible for the investigation of crimes against persons such as homicides, felony assaults, robberies, kidnapping, domestic violence, sexual assaults, child abuse, missing persons, and other sensitive cases. They also conduct investigations on non-violent crimes, such as identity theft, burglary and theft.

Detectives in Crime Suppression are tasked with addressing a multitude of issues to deter criminal activity in the City. They utilize nontraditional patrol techniques, such as targeted patrol details, covert surveillance, completing field interviews on suspicious persons, executing search warrants, serving high risk warrants, and seeking out and arresting violent criminals.


Commander Horn


Sergeant Reid
Sergeant Torres


Detective Blemur
Detective Castro
Detective Dolly
Detective Frederick
Detective Jones
Detective Rhymer
Officer Salien
Detective Tovar