Postcard to Join Our North Miami Family


The North Miami Police Department welcomes all qualified persons.  We are budgeted for 154 law enforcement officers and 37 civilian employees. Our current budget is $30,175,950. The Command Staff consists of the Chief of Police, two (2) Assistant Chiefs, five (5) Majors and seven (7) Commanders. The Police Department serves the North Miami community with multiple specialty units that include Investigations, Community Policing, K-9, Crime Suppression, Marine Patrol, Traffic Safety, S.W.A.T., and Mounted Patrol. Uniform Patrol Officers work 4/10 hour shifts and specialty units have schedules that vary according to job requirements.

Come join our family!



The City of North Miami is an equal opportunity employer, who maintains an alcohol and drug-free workplace, and does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, or disability.
  • Federal law requires that the City hire only U.S. citizens or lawful authorized aliens who provide proof of their identity and employment eligibility.
  • Prior to employment, selected candidates must pass a comprehensive medical evaluation, including a drug screen for safety sensitive positions.
  • Background review (criminal history/driver’s license), previous employment and character references are checked for all persons selected for employment.
The City provides a comprehensive fringe benefits package, including group medical and dental coverage, life insurance, a pension plan, paid vacation and sick leave, and paid holidays. For more information see Benefits page.

How to Apply

Prospective applicants are encouraged to utilize the City of North Miami’s online application process powered by NEOGOV, unless specifically directed otherwise. The automated application provides applicants the ability to apply for City employment at their convenience during the recruitment period as long as applicants have internet access. An applicant profile and application can be created and stored in the system and will be readily accessible by the applicant to submit for the next job in which the applicant is interested in applying. A unique email account is required in order to apply online.

First Time Applicants

If this is the first time you are using the City of North Miami’s online application system, you will need to create an account and select a Username and Password. To do so, go to create an account and complete the form. You will then be able to log in to your account. Each applicant must have their own e-mail address when setting up an account. Do not share your account with anyone. If you don’t have an e-mail account, you can sign up for free e-mail at Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Excite or Google Gmail. It takes only a few minutes to register!

Creating Your Employment Application

After your account has been established, proceed to Job Opportunities and click on the recruitment of interest and then by clicking on Apply. You can also create an online application by logging in via the Applicant Login link and clicking on the Build Job Application link. As you complete your online application, remember to save work in progress. If you have been in the system for more than an hour without saving your entries, you will be automatically logged out as a security measure and your information will be lost. Once your online application is completed, it will be stored in the secure system and can be used to apply for future job openings with the City of North Miami or any other government or agency using NEOGOV and
Application forms must be filled out completed and clearly, indicating the applicant has ALL the minimum qualifications and requirements listed in the job announcement for the position. All statements made on the application are subject to verification. Incorrect, incomplete or false statements or information are cause for disqualification or discharge at any time. Copies of documents verifying education, driver’s license and other licenses or certification required by the job announcement must be presented with the application.
The City of North Miami only accepts applications for those positions currently announced (see our Job Listings). Unsolicited applications will not be processed. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of application. Resumes may be submitted with the application. However, applications indicating “See Resume” for any response on the application will be considered incomplete. Incomplete applications and applications received after the closing date indicated on the job announcement will not be processed.

Veteran’s Preference

In accordance with the Florida Statute 295, the City of North Miami gives preference in employment to qualified veterans and spouses of veterans. Candidates eligible for Veteran’s Preference must submit the City’s Veteran’s Preference Form, as well as proof of eligibility (DD214) at time of application. Veteran’s disability proof must be dated within the past 12 months. If proof is not provided, the applicant will not be eligible for preference.

Resident Preference

Candidates living with the City of North Miami may claim Resident Preference points. In order to be eligible proof of residence (driver’s license, lease or utility bill showing the applicant’s name and Present Address indicated on the application) must be provided at the time of application. If proof is not provided at time of application, the applicant will not be eligible for preference points. All addresses are verified as to whether they fall within North Miami city limits.

Essential Job Functions

  • Enforces the laws and ordinances of the City and all other pertinent laws;
  • Patrols an assigned area during a specific period on foot or in motorized police equipment;
  • Checks doors and windows and examines premises of unoccupied buildings or residences in order to detect any suspicious conditions;
  • Investigates suspicious conditions and complaints and makes arrests of persons who violate laws and ordinances;
  • Accompanies prisoners to headquarters, jail or court and appears in court as arresting officer;
  • Testifies in court as required;
  • Directs traffic and either arrests or issues citations to those who break traffic laws;
  • Checks automobile parking in restricted areas and issues citations when necessary;
  • Responds to fires or accidents in assigned area as directed, gives all possible assistance, and prepares necessary reports;
  • Maintains order in crowds and attends parades, funerals and other public gatherings;
  • Searches for stolen cars and wanted or missing persons;
  • Conducts investigations and enforces City and State laws pertaining to juvenile offenders;
  • Answers criminal complaints and takes necessary corrective action;
  • Gives advice on laws, ordinances and general information to the public;
  • Prepares comprehensive reports of activities for review of superior officers;
  • Performs first aid and rescue duties.

Minimum Requirements

    1. Must provide State of Florida Law Enforcement Certificate (original required at time of application)
    2. Minimum age: 21 (original documents required at time of application)
    3. Must be a U.S. citizen (original documents required at time of application)
    4. Must have high school diploma or equivalent (original required at time of application)
    5. Must possess valid Florida driver’s license, Class E or higher and meet North Miami Police Department driving standards (original license required at time of application)
    6. Must be of good moral character
    7. Never have received a dishonorable discharge from any branch of the U.S. armed service
    8. Must have 20/30 vision or better (corrected or uncorrected)
    9. Must qualify on the Motor Skills/Physical Abilities Test at
    10. Broward College, Davie, Campus, School of Criminal Justice
    11. Miami Dade College, Criminal Justice Institute, or at any FDLE approved location offering this test (Test must be completed within the last 6 months and original results required at time of application)

Hearing Impaired

For job information for the hearing impaired, call TTY line  (305) 893-7936
Contact Police Human Resources at 305-899-2424

Employee Benefits

Salary: Paid on a weekly basis for the previous work week.
On-The-Job Injury Benefits: Worker’s Compensation and Supplemental Pay Benefits, when applicable.
Probation Period: One year with a six-month, performance evaluation. Evaluations done annually thereafter.
Merit Increase: Full time employees are eligible for an annual merit increase.
Vacation: Two weeks per year; after five years, three weeks; after fifteen years, four weeks.  Accumulation starts on date of hire.  There is a six-month waiting period for using vacation time.
Sick Leave: Ten days per year; after three years, 11 days; after five years, 12 days.  Accumulation starts on date of hire.  There is a three-month waiting period for using sick time.
Holidays: Paid holidays plus employee’s birthday, two Floating/Personal Holidays.
Deferred Compensation: Optional employee contribution to 457 Deferred Compensation Plans offered through ICMA and VALIC.
Direct Deposit:  Mandatory participation.
Employee Assistance Trust Fund: A trust fund set up by the City of North Miami to assist employees who are faces with unforeseen emergencies.  Participation is on a volunteer basis.
Life Insurance:  1 x employee’s gross annual salary.  Dependent coverage is available.
Group Health/Dental/Vision Insurance:  HMO, point of service & dependent coverage is available.

2017 Employee Benefits

Disability Insurance:  Optional coverage available.
Pension:  (General Employees) Mandatory participation. Defined benefit/Florida Retirement System (FRS).
Pension: (Sworn Police Personnel) Mandatory participation. Defined benefit plan.
Cafeteria Plan: The City offers Flexible Savings Accounts for reimbursement of medical and day care expenses through “pre-tax” dollars.