The North Miami Police Department honors a deserving officer (or set of officers) each month to men and women who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Read the inspiring stories of heroism and service of past award winners.

December 2018

On November 21, 2018, a suspect entered the 7-Eleven, greeted the store clerk and proceeded to the soda station. In an effort to lull the clerk into a false sense of security, the suspect, nonchalantly made himself a beverage. Without warning, the suspect swiftly proceeded behind the counter armed with a machete, ambushing the clerk. He cornered the victim and demanded the money. Shocked and in fear for her life, the victim complied and gave the suspect $150.00 from the cash register, her purse, and cell phone. The suspect exited the store and fled the area in a vehicle.

The following day, during his tour of duty, Officer Jodlyn Antoine responded to the 7-Eleven to check on the employees and to assure them that officers were aware of the incident and were actively searching for the violent suspect. Officer Antoine took this opportunity to view the video surveillance of the incident. ​In doing so, he ascertained the same individual had committed a previous theft at the same 7-Eleven. Officer Antoine recalled another armed robbery that occurred at a nearby gas station; that suspect matched the description of the 7-Eleven robber.

Three days after the incident, Officer Antoine had just finished working a holiday detail and was in route home. Although off-duty at the time, Officer Antoine remained alert and vigilante, and observed a vehicle fitting the description of the vehicle used in the 7-Eleven robbery days prior. Officer Antoine advised via police radio that he was behind a vehicle matching the description of one involved in an armed robbery. Officer Antoine awaited for back-up officers to arrive and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

Once the vehicle was stopped, Officer Antoine made contact with the female driver. Having knowledge the wanted suspect was a male, Officer Antoine used his experience, investigative techniques and interviewing skills to obtain information that may be helpful to the investigation. His attempts paid off as he learned there were three males that drove the vehicle on occasion. He documented the names and descriptions of the males and forwarded the information to the investigator. Officer Antoine further discovered the vehicle was registered to a residence in close proximity to both robbery locations.

The criminal investigation was kicked into high gear with the information obtained by Officer Antoine. The detectives matched the suspect from the video surveillance with one of the names provided to them by Officer Antoine. The suspect was positively identified by the victim as having committed the armed robbery. He was subsequently located, apprehended, and charged with multiple counts of Armed Robbery with a Deadly Weapon.

After thirteen years of service to the City of North Miami, Officer Antoine remains motivated, diligent, attentive to details, and eager to serve and protect its residents. He continues to provide quality police work. Had it not been for Officer Antoine’s initiative to go above and beyond a violent felon could still be at large, terrorizing our community. Officer Antoine’s exceptional work generated vital information which lead to the closure of this case.

November 2018

On October 30, 2018, Officers Stacina Jones, Pinkey Joachim, and Niel Johnson, responded to an emergency call, reference a male armed with a flare gun acting in an aggressive manner. In addition, the caller advised that the son of the male was armed with his personal firearm. The units arrived and observed a male standing in the front doorway holding an orange flare gun in his right hand.  The officers made several attempts to convince the male to come outside of the residence and to put the flare gun down. The male refused to comply and retreated into the residence.

Working in unison, the officers simultaneously sprang into action. Officers Jones and Johnson immediately began utilizing de-escalation techniques to calm the male, while placing themselves in a strategic position. At the same time, Officer Joachim addressed the son, immediately conducting a pat down to determine if he was armed. The son was deemed safe, as he had secured his firearm prior to police arrival. The male became very agitated and attempted to enter his bedroom and close his bedroom door. Officer Jones sprang into action and pushed open the bedroom door grabbing the male by his coat, and removing him from the bedroom. Officer Johnson simultaneously removed the flare gun from his hand and the male was placed on the sofa in the living room.  During a pat down, a second flare gun was found in the male’s front left pocket. The officers were able to safely secure the male and the two loaded flare guns, while Officer Joachim kept the son calm.

Further investigation revealed the male had a history of mental illness and was not taking his medication. The son advised he arrived home from work and found his father, inside of the residence, walking around with the flare gun in his hands. The son explained his father seemed agitated, and was acting in a very aggressive manner toward him. During a previous encounter, his father had shot a flare gun at police officers. Fearing for his safety, the son had armed himself with his personal firearm. The male was transported to the hospital for evaluation and the two flare guns were impounded.

As a result of Officers Jones, Joachim and Johnson’s swift response and cohesive tactical approach, the male was safely taken into custody, disarmed, and transported to a mental health facility to receive the vital medical treatment he needed.

These officers should be commended for their ability to quickly assess the situation at hand while instilling the Department’s values. They safely defused a potentially dangerous situation, with a mentally ill person, without the use of deadly force. They demonstrated professionalism and empathy while safely resolving the situation.

September 2018

On August 29, 2018, a suspect, armed with a kitchen knife, entered the victim’s apartment. As the suspect attempted to make his way through the dark bedroom, he bumped into a table, knocking a vase onto the bedroom floor. The victim was awakened by the loud noise and turned on the bedroom lights. With the lights turned on, the suspect attempted to conceal himself near the footboard of the bed.

In fear for her life, the victim quickly armed herself with a baseball bat near the bed, and yelled at the suspect to get out of her apartment. The suspect fled the victim’s apartment using the front door. The victim dialed 911, and provided a very detailed physical and clothing description of the suspect. Officer Omar Rolle immediately responded to the area to assist the victim and attempted to locate the dangerous armed suspect. Officer Rolle was searching the nearby residential area, when he noticed a suspect matching the description provided. He immediately stopped and detained the suspect.

Officer Rolle requested back-up units to respond to his location. The suspect was searched for weapons; during the search, officers found a large kitchen knife concealed in the suspect’s pants. A records check of the suspect revealed he was on probation and had been arrested over 20 times for violent crimes such as armed robbery, armed burglary, and resisting arrest. The suspect was positively identified by the victim during a line-up, and was arrested by Officer Rolle on the scene. The suspect was charged with armed occupied burglary.

Officer Rolle’s training, alertness, intuition and dedication to duty resulted in the arrest of this armed and dangerous suspect, and the recovery of a weapon. Most importantly, Officer Rolle likely prevented this suspect from victimizing someone else.

August 2018

On July 20, 2018, Detective Nelson Perez met with a frightened victim of an armed robbery involving a sales application called “Let Go”. The victim advised that he met with the intended buyer/suspect to sell his cellphone and the buyer/subject showed the victim a gun that was concealed in his waistband. The suspect asked the victim for his security code. The victim, who was in fear for his life, complied. After robbing the victim, the suspect jumped into the front passenger seat of a white sedan, which was being driven by another subject, and drove away with the victim’s cellphone.

Detective Perez was able to obtain pictures of a potential suspect through his investigation, and subsequently obtained the suspect’s identities. Detective Perez conducted a line-up with a photo of the newly identified subject. As a result of the line-up, the victim positively identified him as the robber.

On August 5th, 2018, with the help of the North Miami Crime Suppression Unit, Detective Perez located the stolen cellphone. After an interview with the individual that was in possession of the cellphone, Detective Perez was able to identify and locate the two subjects responsible for the robbery. After conducting surveillance, the Crime Suppression Unit and Detective Perez located and arrested the gunman and the driver of the getaway vehicle.

Detective Perez’s persistent pursuit of these dangerous felons led to the identification and the apprehension of two criminals that had raised the level of fear and concern felt by the citizens of North Miami. Detective Perez’s new age detective work brought a successful end to another case in the Investigative Section. Detective Perez’s methodical and consistent hard work during this case is to be commended. I applaud Detective Perez’s efforts to make the City of North Miami a safer place for its citizens to live and work.

July 2018

On July 16th, 2018, officers were dispatched to an armed robbery at the Kwik Stop. Officers quickly arrived at the Kwik Stop and were advised that the suspect entered the store, placed the clerk at gun point, and took money from the cash register. The victim stated that the suspect fled on foot moments prior to police arrival. A “Be On The Lookout” (B.O.L.O.) for the suspect was immediately issued over the police radio.

Officer Jodlyn Antoine began to methodically search the immediate area of where the robbery occurred, and located a suspect that matched the description from the B.O.L.O., in an alleyway. Officer Antoine calmly advised on the police radio that he had a possible suspect in sight. Officer Antoine’s approach the suspect, and gave a loud verbal command to stop, and the suspect proceeded to flee from him on foot. Officer Antoine requested immediate back-up from additional units, who quickly saturated the area, and confined the suspect in the aforementioned alleyway. Officer Antoine coordinated with the other officers on the scene, and safely took the suspect into custody without further incident.

During a search of the suspect’s person, it was discovered that the firearm used during the commission of the armed robbery was not in his possession. Officer Antoine again coordinated with other officers on the scene, and began to conduct an area canvas in an attempt to locate the firearm. The suspect’s firearm, and the mask that was used in the robbery, were found in a nearby trash can.

The suspect was in possession of a book bag, which contained the money that was taken during the robbery. A show-up was subsequently conducted, and the suspect was positively identified by the victim.

Officer Antoine demonstrated great commitment to service in this case, He was extremely instrumental in locating and safely apprehending this armed robbery suspect. Officer Antoine’s commitment to the community, and the Department’s motto of “Making a Positive Impact”, brings a sense of peace to the community, and ultimately assists in keeping the community safe.

June 2018

On April 21st, 2018, Officer Kamesha Moffatt observed a suspicious vehicle. A records check of the tag revealed that the vehicle was stolen. Officer Moffatt followed the vehicle, at a safe distance, and requested back-up to conduct a felony stop. With the assistance of back-up units and the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Aviation Unit, a felony car stop was conducted, and the subject was taken into custody without incident. A records check of the subject revealed an extensive violent criminal past. The subject was arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto and Driving with a Permanently Revoked Driver’s License. The stolen vehicle was later returned to the owner.

On April 22nd, 2018, two subjects approached a victim in the stairwell of an apartment building. Both subjects, one of which was armed with a baseball bat, threatened to beat the victim and demanded the victim’s property. As the first subject held the baseball bat in an aggressive manner, the second subject reached into the victim’s pockets and stole his cell phone, then fled on foot. The victim, in fear for his life, immediately dialed 911.

Officer Moffatt immediately responded to the scene and quickly obtained a description of the subjects. Collaborating with other officers, she conducted an area canvass of the apartment building. Two (2) people matching the description of the subjects were located within the apartment building, and detained. One of the subjects, who was a convicted felon, was armed with a large tactical knife, and both subjects had a violent criminal history. Each subject was positively identified by the victim, arrested, and charged with Armed Robbery and Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon.

On April 23rd, 2018, Officer Moffatt was dispatched regarding a parked vehicle blocking traffic. When she arrived, Officer Moffatt noticed that the vehicle’s engine was running and the lights were on. As Officer Moffatt approached the vehicle, she could clearly see that the driver was asleep. Officer Moffatt safely made contact with the subject in the vehicle to ensure she did not startle him. During the investigation, the subject gave consent to a search of his vehicle. During the search, Officer Moffatt located over 70 grams of Marijuana and 33 Xanax pills that were not prescribed to the driver. The subject was arrested and charged with Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana.

On April 6th, 2018, Officer Moffatt responded to a 911 call regarding a violent dispute. As she and other officers arrived, they encountered a female subject who had been involved in the dispute, walking in the middle of the roadway. When the officers approached her, the subject became belligerent, aggressive, and hostile. She was quickly detained for further investigation.

Once the investigation concluded, Officer Moffatt arrested the subject for Disorderly Conduct and Possession of Marijuana. As Officer Moffatt transported the subject to the police station, the subject stated, “I’m going to kill myself.” Due to the subject’s small stature and extreme flexibility, the subject discreetly wrapped the upper shoulder portion of the seatbelt around her neck, in an apparent attempt to kill herself by self-strangulation. Officer Moffatt, quickly stopped the vehicle, opened the rear door, and with the assistance of back-up officers, began to remove the seatbelt from around the subject’s neck. Within a few seconds, the subject’s breathing returned to normal and she had no signs of injury. Using communication and crisis intervention techniques, Officer Moffatt made the subject comfortable enough to voice her reasons for wanting to kill herself. Officer Moffatt recognized that the solution to this call was not handcuffs, but compassion. In lieu of an arrest, Officer Moffatt transported the subject to a mental health crisis facility so that she could receive the help she needed.

Officer Moffatt’s training, alertness, empathy, and dedication to duty resulted in the arrest of three violent subjects within a three (3) day span. These arrests led to the recovery of a weapon, narcotics, and a stolen vehicle. Most importantly, Officer Moffatt prevented a suicidal subject, who was in crisis, from causing serious injury to herself. Officer Moffatt is a true representation of the North Miami Police Department. She conducts business in a professional, respectful, and empathetic manner.

May 2018

On March 28, 2018, Officer Paul Laguerre was dispatched to respond to the station in reference to a prisoner transport. At the same time, a sick or injured person call, involving a 42-year-old unconscious female, was received within his assigned area. Officer Laguerre instinctively took delay on the police radio and responded to the call in an emergency mode.

Upon Officer Laguerre’s arrival, he observed an unresponsive unconscious female on the ground and immediately sprang into action and began to assess the A.B.Cs (airway, breathing, and circulation). After determining that the victim lacked a pulse, Officer Laguerre subsequently assumed resuscitative efforts, conducting a series of chest compressions. Officer Laguerre continued to perform chest compressions until Miami-Dade Rescue arrived and took over.

Miami-Dade Rescue advised that the victim’s pulse was restored and sustained, due to Officer Laguerre’s valiant resuscitative efforts. The unconscious female was transported in critical but stable condition, to the North Shore Hospital for further treatment. The women passed away later that day due to a severe brain aneurysm. The preservation of life by Officer Laguerre, allowed members of her immediate family to visit and pay their final respects, prior to her untimely death.

April 2018

On March 4, 2018 Officer Jean Pierre Calderon was working an off-duty detail at Publix Supermarket when he was approached by a customer advising that a female was screaming and crying in distress. Officer Calderon immediately drove through the parking lot in an attempt to locate the female. His investigation led him to a crowd gathered around a four (4) door vehicle in the parking garage, with an injured male in the back seat. Officer Calderon noticed that male was losing consciousness and bleeding profusely from severe lacerations to his wrist and arms.

Officer Calderon immediately took action and contacted Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and requested additional back-up officers to assist with crowd control. Without hesitation, Officer Calderon retrieved his S.W.A.T. issued tourniquet and began to apply lifesaving treatment to male. As a result, Officer Calderon managed to suppress the bleeding, stabilizing him prior to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s arrival. The victim was subsequently transported to the hospital by MDFR and survived his injuries.

Further investigation revealed that the victim exited the shower and attempted to retrieve a bottle of lotion that fell behind the dresser. As he braced his hand on the mirror, his hand slipped and the mirror fell. While trying to catch the mirror, it hit the dresser and shattered, causing a large piece of mirror to cut both of his hands and slice through his right wrist. Due to Officer Jean Pierre Calderon’s quick thinking, fast response, and the proper application of the tourniquet a man’s life was saved.

March 2018

On March 8, 2018, while working at TNT Marina, Officer Dagoberto Andollo observed a crowd of marina employees gathered at a lunch truck that makes daily deliveries. While Officer Andollo was walking toward the marina office to complete paperwork, he observed a man gasping for air. Several people from the crowd were striking the man on his back attempting to dislodge something that was stuck in his throat. These attempts were unsuccessful and the man fell to the ground. Officer Andollo raced to the fallen man and heard faint breathing sounds coming from his mouth, then suddenly, his breathing stopped. Knowing that this man’s life was in danger, Officer Andollo sprang into action.

Officer Andollo ordered the crowd to stand aside while he lifted the man off the ground. Officer Andollo resorted to his training and positioned himself behind the man and began the Heimlich maneuver. While holding the man’s entire body weight, Officer Andollo performed numerous abdominal thrusts until a large piece of food exited the man’s mouth. Suddenly there was a large gasp of air from the man. Officer Andollo successfully cleared his airway and the man began breathing normally, on his own.
After Officer Andollo regained his composure from the strenuous lifting of the man, there was an emotional exchange between Officer Andollo and the man, identified as James Rosado. Mr. Rosado tearfully thanked Officer Andollo for saving his life. Officer Andollo’s training, quick thinking, and hard work resulted in Mr. Rosado being able to go home to his family.

February 2018

On January 19, 2018, Sergeant James Mesidor observed a Ford Mustang driving slowly while he was in route to roll call. Being aware of the recent robberies in the area, Sergeant Mesidor followed the vehicle and conducted a records check of the tag. His suspicions were rewarded when the check revealed that the tag had been stolen. In an unmarked vehicle, Sergeant Mesidor requested assistance by a marked police vehicle to conduct a traffic stop, as he continued to follow the vehicle. The vehicle traveled northbound into Broward County, and a Miramar Police Officer arrived to assist Sergeant Mesidor. The Miramar Officer turned on his emergency lights, and then the driver abruptly turned into a parking lot, in an attempt to flee, and lost control of the vehicle and crashed.

Sergeant Mesidor, relying on his years of experience, anticipated the subject’s actions and tactically positioned his vehicle and himself in the safest position to block any overt movement by the subjects. As the driver attempted to flee on foot, a gun fell from his waistband. Sergeant Mesidor sprinted after the subject in a foot pursuit and successfully captured the subject, taking him into custody. The firearm recovered had been reported stolen out of Miami-Dade County. Sergeant Mesidor’s vigilance, alertness, and his keen sense of observation thwarted the two felons from committing another crime