The Uniform Patrol Section is the heart of the police organization. This section provides 24-hour operational police service throughout the City of North Miami. Our police services focus on protection of life and property, preservation of public peace, prevention and suppression of crime and proper enforcement of laws and ordinances.


Commander Carter
Commander Reyes
Commander Thompson


Sergeant Baez
Sergeant Cuevas
Sergeant Ferras
Sergeant Holmes
Sergeant Jones
Sergeant Perez
Sergeant Pineda
Sergeant Ramirez
Sergeant Rodriguez


Officer Antoine
Officer Auguste
Officer Bermudez
Officer Bernadeau
Officer Bohne
Officer Bonny
Officer Bony
Officer Bryant
Officer Calderon
Officer Carmenate
Officer Carter
Officer Chery
Officer Dougall
Officer D'Urbano
Officer Fanor
Officer Fernandez
Officer Gonzalez
Officer Gutierrez
Officer Hernandez
Officer Herrera
Officer Joachim
Officer Jones
Officer Laguerre
Officer Lao
Officer Malval
Officer Mary
Officer Mirjah
Officer Moncada
Officer Montina
Officer Mori
Officer Murphy
Officer Norfleet
Officer Norman
Officer Numa
Officer Orozco
Officer Pace
Officer Pupo
Officer Quintero
Officer Roach
Officer Rolle
Officer Schuhmann
Officer Smith
Officer Torres
Officer Urbizo
Officer Villard
Officer Warren